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2017 Kipling Award Finalist-Grand Prize-Desmond Longsmith

Why Mice Like Cheese

Once there was a mouse. He loved to eat chocolate. One day, his friend, Bear, came to visit.

Bear asked “Why do you like chocolate so much?”

Mouse answered, “It's so sweet. I love it so much that I will  never even  try anything else.”

Bear said, “Well, I  like cheese.” 

Then Mouse said “Have you  ever  tried chocolate?” Now, Bear had never even tried chocolate, but he lied and said “I don’t like it.”

Mouse said “How do you not like chocolate? It’s so ‘Rumptious ‘scrumptious.”

Bear said “You should try cheese. It’s so ‘licious ‘smishious.” They argued and they argued and they argued about which food was better.

After hours and hours they finally decided that they would each try the opposite food. Mouse would try cheese, and Bear would try chocolate. So they each tried the other food and they loved it, the only problem, was they liked the other food more. They did not want to admit that they liked the other food more.

The next day, Mouse went to the supermarket. There he didn't just buy his usual three cases of chocolate but he also bought a hunk of cheese. He wanted to get out of the supermarket before Bear  came in and saw him with the cheese. Just as Mouse was walking out of the supermarket, he saw Fox coming toward him.

Fox said “I thought you didn't like cheese.”

“Well” said Mouse “I'm going to try something new.”

“Oh” said Fox.“See you.”

Just as Mouse was getting into his Mouse mobile, he saw Bear going into the supermarket. He decided to wait and see what Bear brought out in his cart. Five minutes later Bear came out with his usual three boxes of cheese. But this time Mouse saw a chocolate bar in Bear’s paw.

Mouse jumped out and said “I knew you liked ravishing chocolate!”

”Very wouth-matering right!”

“Well” said Bear “Inside the store Fox told me that you got a block of ‘lectable cheese.”

So the two friends confessed that they liked the other food too.

Bear liked chocolate so much that he gave up on cheese. Mouse liked cheese so much that he didn't eat chocolate for the rest of his life. So from that day on bears love chocolate and mice love cheese.

~The End~ 

2017 Kipling Award Finalist: Cooper Wilson Daniels

How Trump Got His Crazy Hair 

and Orange Skin

A long time ago when the world was new a man was born, and his name was Donald Trump my best beloved. This boy was a regular boy and was the best boy you could think of. BUT, he had one problem, he was un-questionably greedy. All he did was try to make money any way he could from real estate to his own business and he got very rich over time. All this money made him feel untouchable and above the law. So he began to do whatever he wanted to people like touch women without their consent witch a tape has proved as well as testimonies from famous women.

Now, all this greed and money drove him to do anything for money. He would cheat,steal,con and just plain beg for money. He was able to do all of this because he had very good looks and perfect skin with locks of beautiful hair. Also, all the illegal things he did he was usually caught but with all his money he paid bail and the judges and jurors during his trials.

Trump was making billions a year. He had cars,jets,boats and even a rocket that he used to fly to and buy the moon. Then, one day all the animals and humans got tired of Trumpies greed so the all went the great Blue Genie. They told him about the man behind pollution and about how he had all the money in the world. They also said that he was a terrible man Trump was and how he was stealing from everyone.

Mr.Genie was not impressed by Trumpies antics so he decided to go into the city and confront Trump himself. The genie disguised himself as a poor man on the side of the road. When Trump came by he began to beg for food and money and Trump just shoved him aside like nothing. The Genie was angered so he rose out of his disguise and cursed Trumpie. 

He is now forever cursed to have orange skin and hair that looks like a caterpillar. A few years later he ran for President of the United states. 

2017 Kipling Award Finalist: Jaylin Crafts

How The Cat Got It’s Tail 

Once there was a cat named Caroline. She was a very well-behaved cat too. Back then cats did not have tails. They all were tailless. They only had a stub about an inch long. This made it much harder to land on their feet and show their mood.

Caroline had four brothers and sisters. 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Cara, Courtney, Cameron, and Cole. Caroline’s mother, Cynthia, was going to have another litter soon. Each of the kittens would be partnered with an older brother or sister when they came. Any extras would be Caroline’s dad, Clark’s, responsibility. This job meant you had to show the kittens where their food was, where to use the bathroom, play with them and keep them busy. The house they lived at was very warm, comfy and cozy. This made Caroline and her family feel right at home all the time.

Caroline was very excited for the new litter because her mom said that she could pick which kitten she wanted first. Caroline was playing with her siblings when,

“Caroline,” Cynthia called, “Come into the playroom without any brothers or sisters.” Caroline obeyed. The had litter arrived. There was 2 black kittens, 2 gray kittens and 1 gray and black striped kitten.

“Oh they are all so cute!” Caroline gushed

“Which one will you take, Honey?” Cynthia questioned Caroline looked at one kitten, then another, then another until she came upon the gray and black striped kitten.

“You and I will have tons of fun together” Caroline whispered to the gray and black kitten she wanted. The cat yawned and looked up at her and said,


“Good job kitty, you can meow!” Caroline cried

“I think you found yourself a mighty fine playmate,” Cynthia advised
“Yes, Yes I did!” Caroline said

“Bring your kitten to your Dad, he will tell you the gender.” Cynthia told her youngest daughter. Caroline paraded out the door to her Dad.

“Daddy what gender is my lovey kitty?” Caroline questioned, putting the cat down.

“Well you are very excited to see aren’t you?” He chuckled

“OF Course,” Caroline said annoyed, “Now Hurry up my siblings are waiting for me to send another one in!” 

2017 Kipling Award Finalist: Sarah Geiling

The Patio

His favorite place, his favorite time, his quiet tea time, was so divine

There he sat, all dressed in black, he sat so strong, not relaxing his back Sang a song, and talked to his wife,
he was there for her, for her whole life

It’s one o’clock, he thought about a book, he remembered himself writing, in his little nook

A crazy life, a weird scenario,
he ended up there, sitting on his patio

They clinked their mugs together, with a quiet ding, he and his wife Caroline, it’s Rudyard Kipling!

It’s time to leave the patio, please do not cry, it’s nearly 2 o’clock, good bye good bye 

2017 Kipling Award Finalist: Trevor Gray


Though they tend to be destructive They are still wonderful,
They are very advanced
Yet some don’t have homes
And yet,

They still are surviving

They keep going until they die Yet they can only do so much, They destroy
And then rebuild something different, They pollute the air
Then try, try, and try again

To fix their mistake

Some people say it doesn’t exist Some people say it does,
Yet they are only human, Some people adore the
Ones blinded by success,
But they are only human,
They keep strong
Some unite
Others fight
But still

They are only human,

They kill for fun and fame They kill for money
They kill for greed
Some people do something about it 

Others don’t,

But they are only human They make mistakes They try to fix them But then again 

They are only human 

2017 Kipling Award Finalist: Hanna Risner

How the Sky Got Clouds

Once upon a time the sky had no clouds. In that time all people lived in a place called the Hardleme where most people were farmers. Some farmers grew fruit and vegetable crops but many grew cotton. The sky there was blue. Clear blue. Pure clear blue. Many people complained about the sun. Some people said ‘’The sun is so hot we could roast marshmallows under it.’’There were two big cotton farms.

One big farm was owned by farmer Lily and the other big farm one was owned by farmer Dune. Dune and Lily were the ones that gave the sun compliments but sometimes they said mean things to the sun. Dune would say to Lily ’’That grumpy sun keeps on burning my cotton until it burns!! Lily would say to Dune,’’Same with my dang cotton.

Every day the sun was scorching hot and there was nothing to block the it! No trees and no clouds. All they had were very small bushes.

The farmers had a very big problem. Every year there would be one time that out of the ground there would
come just a little water. The farmers would try to collect as much water as they could to help them through the rough summer. But alas, they ran out of water so so so very quickly.

The little village was surrounded by a wall that no one had ever crossed. The wall was what held up the sky.
In the village there was a boy and his name was Yak. He had a brother named Sak. 

Yak was very mischievous. One day he decided to see what would happen if he destroyed the stone wall that held up the sky. First, he would ask his brother if he thought it was a good idea. When he asked his brother, his brother said’’Yak, I don’t think that that would be a good idea.’’ Just after his brother had said that, Yak thought that he could do it and he wanted to do it. 

So he told that to Sak and then the two brothers got into a big fight. Sak said ‘’no you won't and Yak said yes I will,No you won’t yes I will, no you won’t yes I will, no you won’t yes I will, no you won’t yes I will, no you won’t yes I will ‘’and on and on and on. Finally Sak gave in and left the room. 

Yak took a huge drilling machine and started bit by bit to take down the wall. Day after day he worked under the blue sky. The clear blue sky. The pure clear blue sky. Finally he only had to move one more rock and the whole wall would fall down. With one small tap, the whole wall, with the blue sky, collapse...! The sky slowly came down and settled just barely brushing the ground.Everyone looked over to where the stone wall had stood.

Everything was black. When they tried to lift the sky it only moved the tiniest bit.

Now in this village(or better said, the remains of this village)there were some animals. Here are the names of some of them. The Chade, the Dart, the Reowns, the Qualyt and the Chard Eill.

Now all the animals were very scared and so they started to make a plan. One of the animals, the Chade, could speak the human language.The animals asked him if he could tell the humans of their plan to get the sky to go up again and he said yes.

The Chade came up to the people and said ‘’You have to search all over the ground for long sticks that could hold up the sky.’’ So all of the people and the animals felt around on the ground for long sicks.

As soon as all the people and animals had a long stick they picked the sky up, put the long sticks under the sky and with all their might, they slowly pushed the sky back up. But as the sky got higher in the air, it got much lighter and soon the sky got to a point that it just floated up. 

With all the pushing it had gotten it went higher into the air than ever before! All the farmers cheered! But when the sky could not go any farther up the people and the animals looked up to see all the cotton from the fields stuck in the sky.

So, even now, after all this time, you can still see all the farmers cotton up in the sky. But now they are called clouds. 

2017 Kipling Award Finalist: Jorja Smith

How the Hedgehog got its Spines

Once in a forest called Big Beluga Bongo forest, named after its huge trees, there lived a hedgehog and his name was Harper. Harper was not like any of his family and relatives, he was very curious and adventurous he loved exploring everything. He also loved asking questions, so every time an animal came over he would ask them questions.

One day after Harper got up, he asked his mom to make him his favorite breakfast, scrambled bugs.

‘’Mmmmm’’, Harper said, “ this is really good.’’

After Harper was done he went on his morning walk. When he was walking he kept bumping into trees, but he didn’t care he just kept
walking. When Harper came to the end of his walk he stopped for a minute to look at the view. That’s when he saw a creature he had never seen before, he was stunned but before he could even say anything, the creature had walked away. He slowly went back home still thinking what had happened.
When Harper had got back he told his parents but they didn’t believe him. He told his friends and they just laughed. This made Harper very angry.

‘’ Fine, then I will go and find out what that creature is and i'll show you’’, Harper said.

The next morning Harper packed food and supplies for his travel and then was on his way. While he was walking through the woods he was eating blueberries and bugs.
‘’ I will show them, i'm going to find out what that, thing is and show them’’, Harper mumbled.

Slowly Harper approached the place where he last saw the
creature. At first it wasn’t there, so he walked around a little. Finally he saw the creature.

He said, ‘’ Hey... Hey Mr, excuse me but can i ask you a question?”
The creature turned its head slowly.
‘’ Sounds like, you just did’’, said the creature.
‘’Haaa, that’s funny but i have another question, what are you Harper said.’’
‘’ What i am, well i am a porcupine’’, said the creature, want to see what I can do?’’
‘’Sure this is a big honor,’’ Harper said excitedly
‘’Ok ready, one, two, three.’’
With a big big scream coming from Harper the porcupine shot out its quills into Harpers back.

‘’ Ohhhh that hurt,’’ Harper said running to the stream while the porcupine walked away laughing.

Harper was in so much pain he did the backstroke in the river for two days. When two days had passed Harper packed his things and slowly walked home. He wanted to feel his spines because he had never had these things on his back. So he turned around and felt them, they were smooth only a little pointy. He liked them a found they were very useful. He could pick berries and pick them off and eat them.

When he got home all his friends and family were jealous and wanted to know what happened

All Harper said was, ‘’Look who is asking questions now.’’ And from now on Hedgehogs have spines. 

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2017 Kipling Award Finalist: Jayden Holden

2017 Kipling Award Finalist: Keley Reckell

2017 Kipling Award Finalist: Alexis Short

2017 Kipling Award Finalist; Coleson Burroughs

How The Turtle Got His Shell

Once upon a time there was a turtle named Turtle and he lived in the Snooglish Boolglish river.The turtle was small and had no shell.He was always banging into rocks because the water was as going as fast as an eagle can fly.So the turtle was getting bandages on his back because of the rocks.

He needed to find a shell,but where would he find one?So he went to shore and saw a bird and he asked “do you know where a shell is”?The bird said yes but it is a hermit crab shell not a turtle shell.The turtle said ok thank you anyways and walked away.Soon enough he came to a BIG turtle and “asked do you have a shell for me?”the big turtle said no the only shell I have is my shell.

So Turtle said ok thank you anyway and walked away.Not that long of a time later Turtle came to a monkey and asked “do you have a shell for me?”The monkey said ooh ooh ah ah no but I do know a gorilla that has everything in the whole world.Turtle said ok thank you

soooooo much but where is the gorilla.I cant tell you ooh ooh ah ah.Turtle said ok well bye now.ooh ooh ah ah bye.After days and days of slowly walking Turtle finally found the gorilla .Turtle asked “do you YAWN have a YAWN turtle shell for me YAWN?”Of course I do,I have every thing in the world and by the time gorilla was done talking Turtle fell asleep.after a few hours Turtle woke up and had a lot of energy and asked “do you have a shell for me?”And gorilla said yes but you must do something for me.what is it said turtle?The gorilla said you must go get me a candy bar.But I don’t have any money and you have everything in the world.Yes yes I know but I cant find it because of how small it is said gorilla.Can I at least have some money said Turtle?Sure here is $5.

Ok I will be back soon said Turtle.So 1 hour later the turtle came to a store.He was to short to open the door.So he had to wait for a human to come.After another hour someone finally came.So the turtle went in and got a candy bar.Turtle went to the checkout desk and put 5$ on it. When he finally got back to the gorilla.The gorilla said here is one.Turtle said it's too

Ok here is another one .Turtle said it’s too small.Ok here is another one.Turtle put it on and it was perfect!So after the long and dreadful walk home he finally got to the Snooglish Booglish river he lives in he never had to have another bandage ever again!